Food For Homeless Project

Let’s helping those in need!

This wonderful, ongoing programme has assisted a great number of the homeless in Camden Borough.
People must realise that there is still hope and that there is a way to combat poverty and starvation worldwide. All of us are human. The greatest enemy is ignorance.
We provide at least 100 meal vegetarian and non- vegetarian (Halal, non- Allergic food) with drink, fruit and snacks for homeless people who base in camden borough every week. We also provide, Warm clothes, Sleeping bags, First aid kit, Toiletries, Sanitary pads for ladies and Hygiene Supplies.
Our project was first funded by We Make Camden Kit which expanding social enterprise based on community cooking knowledge, or local food growing projects.

Camden Newsletter March 2023

Our project was fundraising and supporting by a Camden Giving on 2023.


Award Certificate

Camden Faith and Belief Award 2024

It is great news, our Food For Homeless project was recognised as outstanding individual for Camden Faith and Belief Award 2024 ceremony.

The Food For Homeless initiative emission aims to combat poverty and inequality in our society and neighbourhood by providing hot, nourishing food to those in need. We are pleased to inform the 5,000 homeless people in Camden Borough that we feed and assist. In 2023, our project was formally established. We depend on donations from private citizens as well as grants from large businesses and charities. Every penny can change the course of someone in need's life.We are a tiny, non-profit community group with volunteers administering our initiative.

Purpose and approach:
Aims of the Food For Homeless Project :
* To help tackle food insecurity in the borough and ensure local homelessness residents have access to nutritious, affordable and sustainable food.
* To connect local organisations, food providers, businesses and the local authority to collaboratively tackle food-related
* To share knowledge, experiences, challenges and offer support.
* Develop and implement an action plan to ensure we're heading in the right direction.
* Securing funds for running this project for next 2 years.

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